Let’s all face it, dealing with this situation is back-breaking. When your dog is not potty-trained and just poops and piss wherever he wants to, you got a problem to solve. If other pet owners did it, so can you. So, stop procrastinating and start potty training your dog like an expert

Choose the Perfect Spot

It could be anywhere as long as your dog can get some privacy and enough space, so he can relieve himself with tranquility. It is important to choose a place or spot where he can feel safe and comfortable as you are trying to introduce a new habit.

Make a Schedule and Start a Routine

Take note of the time and frequency of your dog’s potty schedule. When the time has come, guide him to the spot where he should relieve himself. Dogs have great sense of smell, so it is imperative that he leaves his scent to the right spot to develop a routine

Dealing with Stubbornness

New dog owners will usually think that their dogs are being stubborn when their dogs miss the mark. Dogs can be fearful of angry tone from their owners which makes it harder for them to focus. When teaching a new habit such as potty training, keep in mind that your dog will learn more if you will remain calm. Remember that getting your dog potty-trained doesn’t happen overnight. It could go on for days or even months. So, never lose your patience.

Don’t Forget the Reward

When your dog finally did it, don’t forget to reward him for a job well-done. Reward system is a common trick used by dog experts to help dogs understand that they will be rewarded if they comply with the routine. Once the routine is fully established, you can slowly cut back on treats.

Day Care with Training Services

If you have to be away during day time, you can take your dog to a reliable day care that offers training services. They will do the tedious work for you. Your dog will also get the chance to socialize with his other fellow dogs in the day care.